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Non-emergency medical transport is a critical part of our services. At Elegante Care Transportation we can move patients between their home, hospital and clinics for pre-arranged appointments in safe, comfortable vehicles.

Our selection of vehicles for patient transport services includes:

  • 4 passenger vehicles.
  • 7 passenger mini vans

All our non-emergency medical transportation vehicles are air conditioned, have direct radio, GPS navigation and cellular contact with our control center. This means you can keep track of our vehicles in route at all times. Our cars are all kept immaculate, ensuring that patients enjoy their transports back and forth from their medical appointments. Our drivers are helpful and courteous, along with being extremely professional. They are also patient and discreet when assisting passengers who may require extra attention. Our transportation drivers are held up to very high standards including:

  • Security vetting.
  • Knowledge tests.
  • Ongoing training and development.

Drivers in our non-emergency medical transport vehicles all are neat and tidy, with photo identification for added security.

New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers

Fernando Mateo is President of Hispanics Across America and the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers. He spent most of his youth in New York City. Fernando believes that a good business is a socially responsible business. His first major public service initiative was to finance and develop an apprenticeship program at Rikers Island Correctional Facility in New York. Open to first time, non-violent offenders, the Mateo Institute of Training (M.I.T.) provided inmates training in various construction trades. When released from Rikers, M.I.T. graduates possess marketable job skills to earn honest livings. The program succeeded with most M. I. T. graduates obtaining good wage positions and very few returning to crime. M. I. T. not only saved New York City millions of dollars, but perhaps saved the lives of many of its graduates. Based on an idea of his teenage son, Fernando conceived Toys for Guns during Christmas 1993 as a means to remove illegal guns from the street. The program offered a $100 gift certificate to Toy ?R? Us to anyone who turned in a gun to the 34th precinct (no questions asked). The public?s response to the program was overwhelming. While Toys for Guns was only to run through Christmas, it rapidly spread through all five boroughs as other sponsors came forward to fund the program. Toys for Guns evolved into the non-profit Goods for Guns Foundation of which Fernando is Chairman. During 1996 and 1997, the foundation launched the largest disarmament program ever in El Salvador and Columbia. During his work with the Dominican community at Mateo Express, Fernando became aware that Dominican citizens residing in New York did not have absentee voting rights. Fernando believed this great injustice should be remedied immediately as the Dominican Republic was among the only Latin American country that did not grant its citizens absentee voting privileges. In mid 1997 Fernando founded Movimiento Por-Voto del Dominicano en el Exterior whose purpose was to organize support in the United States to petition the Dominican government to permit absentee ballots. On September 22, 1997 Fernando delivered petitions signed by more than 100,000 Dominican citizens residing in the United States and Venezuela. He was received by the President of the Senate and spoke on behalf of the Movimiento?s to the Dominican Congress. On December 19, 1997 the Dominican Congress passed legislation which grants Dominicans absentee voting rights. On December 26, 1997 President Leonel Fernandez signed the legislation into law. As a result of Fernando?s efforts the political landscape of the Dominican Republic has been dramatically altered. In recognition of his efforts Fernando received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from The University CDEP in Santo Domingo Governor Mario Cuomo, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Mayor David Dinkins, Senator Robert Dole have honored Fernando. President George Bush designated Fernando as a Shining Point of Light. Fernando has provided expert witness testimony to the New York City Council on the issue of kids and guns and has lectured and served as a panelist for numerous forums on youth violence. He has been a guest of President Clinton during the signing of the Crime Bill and also served as an advisor to the Clinton transitional team in Little Rock, Arkansas. In recognition of his community service and business success, Fernando has been cited as one of People Magazine?s ?Amazing Americans? and featured in numerous publications. He has been honored as ?Person of the Week? by ABC World New Tonight and has appeared on ABC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, PBS, and syndicated shows including Oprah Winfrey, Phil Donohue, and Geraldo. He continues to believe and demonstrate that a good business is socially a responsible business. Fernando serves on the Board of Directors of organizations including the Robert A. Taft Institute of Government, New York/New Jersey Minority Purchasing Council and the Community Association of Progressive Dominicans together with Goods For Guns Foundation.

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